3 Reasons to Consider Buying a Short Sale

If you’re like many buyers, you may see a short sale property listed and immediately cross it off your list. However, if you work with a pro who’s experienced with types of sales you just might find this type of property is a great option. What exactly is a short sale? In a short sale … Continued

Is Buying a Short Sale Right for You?

If you understand what you’re in for, buying a short sale home in a competitive market can be a great option. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you consider whether or not this type of housing is right for you. First, what is a short sale? Short sale properties are ones … Continued

What you Need to do Before Buying a Short Sale

Buyers pursue short sales for two primary reasons: firstly, they genuinely like the house and secondly, to get a good deal. The biggest drawback to this type of transaction is the time it takes to close – the term “short sale” is a bit misleading in this regard. But if you’ve got a flexible timeline, … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Short Sale

Many buyers see a home listed as a short sale and immediately cross it off the list. But if you educate yourself on the process of buying a short sale, you might be surprised to find out it’s not the nightmare-ish experience you may have heard about. A short sale is when a homeowner wants … Continued

Could Buying a Short Sale be the Right Move for You?

The name is a bit misleading as short sale transactions can take longer than a traditional home sale, but the reality is there are several advantages of considering this type of property in your home search. In popular areas with hot real estate markets, like Denver, many potential buyers are adding short sales to their … Continued

The Scoop on Short Sales

Denver’s housing market can be tricky to maneuver. Sale prices are up, and while inventory is climbing a bit, options for first-time buyers here may seem slim. The good news is there are ways to expand your search options if you’re willing to consider distressed properties in the area. One of the most common types … Continued

Why a Short Sale may be the Best Buy for You

While you may have heard only the horror stories about buying short sale properties – or any distressed housing for that matter –  the reality is there are actually several advantages to purchasing this type of property. In popular areas with hot real estate markets, many would-be buyers are adding short sales to their property … Continued

Benefits of Buying a Short Sale

The term “short sale” is a bit misleading as these types of transactions don’t tend to happen as quickly as traditional home sales. Still, in crowded markets with rising prices, including short sales in your home searches can help expand your options and land you a really good deal on a house. What exactly is … Continued

What to Expect When Buying a Short Sale

If you’re a house hunter on a budget or in an area with low inventory, a short sale property may be a great deal for you, if you know what to expect. Here we’ll give you the rundown on what a short sale property is and what to expect should you decide this type of … Continued