5 Tips to Remember if you’re buying a Distressed Property

While today’s inventory of distressed properties isn’t as robust as it once was, with markets recovering and home prices steadily increasing, these types of properties are still very desirable to many buyers. In areas like Denver where prices are high and options are limited, distressed housing can be a great alternative. Distressed properties typically fall … Continued

3 Reasons to Consider Buying a Short Sale

If you’re like many buyers, you may see a short sale property listed and immediately cross it off your list. However, if you work with a pro who’s experienced with types of sales you just might find this type of property is a great option. What exactly is a short sale? In a short sale … Continued

4 Tips if you’re Considering an REO Property

Real-estate owned (REO) properties – also known as bank-owned – can be a great investment for first time home buyers. This particular type of home is one that didn’t sell at auction, and ownership was then transferred to the bank or lender. REOs can be a great option for many reasons: first, in many cases, … Continued

3 Financing Options for HUD Homes

In any real estate market – including seller’s markets like Denver – everyone is looking for the best deal possible.  HUD homes, while different than traditional homes, can be a great value – especially in areas like ours. What is a HUD Home? In the simplest terms, a HUD home is a property owned by … Continued

3 Things to Do Before Starting Your House Hunt

Whether you’re considering distressed housing, new construction, or existing home or condo, there are three things you need to check off your list before starting the search for your next home. Before you even start browsing the Multiple Services Listing (MLS), make sure you take care of the tasks below – you’ll be glad you … Continued

Using a Renovation Loan to Secure your Next Home

As of late, the word “Denver” has become synonymous with high prices and low inventory. Even with a slight uptick in available homes in the Mile High City, it’s still tough out there for buyers. One option buyers might consider is an FHA 203(k) rehab loan, also referred to as a renovation loan, which allows … Continued

How does a Property become Bank Owned?

If you’ve been house hunting in Denver, chances are you’ve run across the term “real estate” or “bank owned” property. If you aren’t familiar with how a home becomes a bank-owned property, it’s worth your while to learn, as these can be great investments. It the simplest terms, a real estate owned property is a … Continued

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a HUD Home

If you’re prepared to put a little work into your first or next home, HUD properties can be a great option. Considering these types of homes can also be ideal in areas where inventory is on the low side. While it’s not exactly the same as purchasing a traditional home, buying a HUD property isn’t … Continued

5 Things you need to do when buying a Distressed Property

In hot real estate markets like Denver, would-be buyers often include distressed housing in their property searches to expanding their options. If you’ve been considering this type of property, it’s possible to find a great value, but only if you know what to expect along the way.  Think a bank-owned home, foreclosure, or short sale … Continued

4 Reasons you should Consider Buying a Bank-owned Property

If you’ve decided to include distressed properties in your home search, chances are you’ve heard of several types including foreclosures, short sales, and bank-owned or real-estate owned homes. It’s possible to get a great deal on distressed properties, but REO properties, in particular, come with some unique perks. Check out the following reasons to consider … Continued