What to Expect When Buying a HUD Home

Though they’ve gotten a bit of a bad rap since the housing bust in 2008, HUD homes and other types of foreclosures can actually be a great deal. In reality, buying a HUD home can be a very positive experience. If you’re not familiar with the HUD home buying process, you’re certainly not alone. To follow is a breakdown of what to expect if you’re thinking of purchasing a HUD home in the Denver metro area.

If you’re unfamiliar with the HUD home buying process, it’s crucial to find a professional experienced with these types of sales. An agent who knows the ins and outs of HUD home purchases will be able to guide you and answer questions along the way.

HUD homes can be a great value, but they won’t just be given away. Keep your pricing expectations in check. As with any other property, it’s a good idea to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage before you start searching. Window shopping is fine, but you’ll want to make sure you secure financing quickly. You don’t want to know the heartbreak of losing the house you want because another buyer had their loan in place and yours hasn’t yet been approved.

HUD homes can be very appealing to investors looking to flip a property or potential landlords who are looking to fix it up and rent it out. However, the first 30 days a HUD home is available it can only be bid on by potential homeowners – those who plan to make the home their primary dwelling. But after 30 days it’s open season, so competition is likely to heat up. If you find a HUD home you like, move on it!

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